Our extensive experience with a vast array of applications, from simple repair and maintenance to complex complete plant reticulation in green or brown fields set ups allows our team to provide attention to detail while ensuring the best possible quality and system reliability.

Installation services include:

  1. Fabrication of plant units, installation and balancing.
  2. Installation of third party Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation equipment.
  3. Cable supply, installation and termination.
  4. Complete electrical system installation.
  5. Control system installations.
  6. Air conditioning/refrigeration electrical systems.

Maintenance and Repair

HPC AFRICA has been providing emergency and scheduled maintenance and repair services to a vast array of clients including mining, manufacturing, construction agriculture and tobacco processing and warehousing.

Maintenance and repair services include:

  1. Emergency response to Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation repairs.
  2. Electrical power generation, protection and distribution maintenance and repair.
  3. Mechanical services.
  4. Instruments calibration and maintenance.

Impact of our service includes the following key features:

  1. Reduced Maintenance Costs
  2. Extended Equipment Life
  3. Fixed Maintenance Costs
  4. Guaranteed Equipment Availability
  5. Increased Profits
  6. Dedicated Maintenance Resource
  7. Increased Production and Reduce Risk

Manufacturing Plant Asset, Process and Skills Kit Audit

In addition, HPC Africa audits plant asset condition; manufacturing processes and asset care competencies.


HPC AFRICA is able to manufacture products to meet your specific application, requirements and the installed environment.

Manufacturing services include;

  1. Switchboard and distribution board wiring (to a capacity of 1MW)
  2. Engine control systems (population and generator sets)
  3. Motor starter panel and control panel manufacturing
  4. Alarm and monitoring systems
  5. Earth fault monitoring systems
  6. Technical engraving - Engraved panels and labels

Labour Hire

HPC AFRICA is able to supply skilled and experienced technical personnel for routine work and emergency call out. We have suitable personnel available to fill roles such as Project Management, Supervision and Tradesmen. All personnel are suitably qualified, licensed and have major passes required in the all related Industry.

Distributorship and Products

HPC AFRICA is a distributor for CAFCA cable from Zimbabwe, National Cable and Alvin Cable from South Africa, SEW Motorized Gears and Challenge products.

Our products include:

  1. Specialised mechanical spares.
  2. Electrical Control and Monitoring Systems.
  3. Challenge Motors and Electrical Accessories.
  4. Manufacturing & Custom Builds - Switchboards, Starters & Panels
  5. Fittings, Fixtures & Consumables - Lights, Power Outlets, etc
  6. Electrical spare parts and accessories
  7. GE, Siemens PLC systems
  8. Battery Chargers, Inverters and Generators
  9. Alarm and monitoring systems for industrial applications
  10. Technical engraving - Engraved panels and labels

Design and Development

HPC AFRICA (through its partners) has a strong belief in advancing with the times and employ state of the art technology and principals throughout our design and development processes. As specified in our design control procedure, the finished design is a result of not one, but several members of a committee who are qualified and experienced in the design field. The combination and comparison of ideas and knowledge from the committee results in a more efficient, competitive, safe and reliable design. The design process interfaces with the client's organization to ensure all requirements are adequately addressed.